Dearest sweetheart!
I am going to pour some feelings which is adopted in my heart from long time.on the occasion of valentine wants to share with you about it.Honey ppl used to say true love is neither physical,nor romantic.Its an acceptance of all that is,has been,will be and will not be.sweetheart i am so happy to have you in my life. you are very special to me.When i was really in silence about love.You came in to my hearts door by serially knocking.You realized me How to feels love.some days later i started to do as you said to me.You cant believe me how i feel that time.I started to feel love.I took a pillow with my was soft.My eyes closed,sense was automatically hands moving here n there.My mind was seeking you.My heart was making the bits for you.This was the sweetest feelings of 1st time i feel the love.I never feel like this searching the words could be fit for that movements.I could not found the exactly words which can fit for that movements.After that we totally lost.May be you were missing me,but was thinking to pray for someone that Almighty God Has chosen only for me.I and my some friends were started to pray for it.Three days later.there was madly something happen to me.I started to feel you every where..whole days,whole nights,in a dreams in a reality ,outside in side in a bed on a pillow every where your face was shining.When you are talking me about Love it was funny for me cause am real blind about its
yes,True Love never dies.
Its leads eternal live.
Love has no fear even it needs to die.
How Jesus Has taught us and shown us about love only the real meanings of love Jesus death and resurrection can be fulfills.God Has Great heart.He loves the world because of that He gave His only One son named Jesus to die for the world to save the sinners.All His Acts shown us How much He loves the world.even not to scared to give His Son as like own heart.
Who can and like to give to die own child for other some one else to die or save?
may the case of this God is Great forever and ever and HE IS SIGN OF LOVE .As well Jesus came in to the world for die for sinners He is not to shame n behind for die for sinners.He Himself sacrificed to give us love.He had Great patient till sacrifice because of this worthy True love for the world.,Grave could not slowed Him.He is reign only His resurrection can fulfilled love never ends its remain forever to eternal,its never end.its has no end.I pray in this lovely valentine day Amen for us too.....
God has chosen you to give my love to you.You are very special and handsome all over the world my heart i don t want to miss you even one sec.I want to hear you in every bits.i want to hold your hands and want to walk for ever and ever to everlasting life....Love you so much Happy Valentine Day!
Your Love

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